HUJ Voluntary Service of Armenia

Land: Armenien

Anprechpartner: Lilit Ghukasyan

Adresse: Koryun 19a, 0009, Yerevan Armenia

Telefon (Ländervorwahl!):: 010 522 772

Facebook-Seite:: www.facebook.com/search/top?q=huj%20-%20voluntary%20service%20of%20armenia

Website:: www.huj.am/

weltwärts-Partnerorganisation(en) in Deutschland

IJGD, within the framework of the weltwärts programme, sends volunteers to projects or deployment sites with partner organisations in East Europe and Central Asia.


IJGD offers young people the opportunity to become more aware of societal circumstances through the programmes that we offer. Young people are encouraged to make independent decisions or to stand up for marginalised social groups. This includes the promotion of understanding, and the dismounting of prejudices, between members of different nations, social classes, religions and world views.