Centre for Sustainable Development

Land: Indien

Anprechpartner: Leena Suhas Buddhe

Adresse: "Buddhe's", Plot no 56A/2, Pandey layout, Khamla,Nagpur-440025

Telefon (Ländervorwahl!):: +91 9372391202

Facebook-Seite:: Centre for Sustainable development

Website:: www.cfsdindia.org

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The organization was started in the year 2004, with a vision to facilitate participatory and sustainable development processes that would make human settlements equitable living environments.
The Mission Statement of the NGO is:
"To develop human settlements into equitable living environment where the community has access to health, education, housing, basic infrastructure and livelihood options irrespective of their social and economic status."
Centre for Sustainable Development, CFSD, a non-profit organization, is registered under the Society`s registration act 1860 (Society Registration no: Maha 115 / 04 / Nagpur) and Bombay Public Trust Act 1950 [Trust Registration no: F-20854&#4