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Hosting volunteers from Germany

Becoming a host organisation

Weltwärts volunteers support the projects of host organisations for between six and 24 months with practical work and personal experiences that they acquired, for example, during volunteer work. Some also already have vocational training or have graduated from university. They bring a new point of view and some ideas to the project.

In working with children and young people, they can credibly teach the subjects of environmental protection and health care, whilst acting as a model for other young people thanks to their dedication. After their service, they can work in their homeland as ambassadors for the projects that they have learned about themselves, e.g., by providing information about them and helping with additional financial and personal support.

Accordingly, they also contribute to a closer networking of sending and partner organisations.

The results of the volunteer survey are out

Photo: The results of the volunteer survey are out

For the third time there has been an independent survey among all the weltwärts volunteers of one year group travelling from Germany.

The results show that volunteers are, on the whole, satisfied with the development volunteer service and they also show where there is still room for improvement.

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German sending organisations

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Here you can see all the sending organisations in Germany. You can limit your search by regions or countries. You will receive a list of all organisations that send volunteers to the respective region or selected countries and can see the assignments of the organisations.